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We Are Open Some Saturdays – Appointments Only

We are open late on Wednesdays

Hablamos Español



We Are Open Some Saturdays – Appointments Only

We are open late on Wednesdays

Hablamos Español



We Are Open Some Saturdays – Appointments Only

We are open late on Wednesdays

Hablamos Español



We Are Open Some Saturdays – Appointments Only

We are open late on Wednesdays

General Dentistry Leeds, AL

We use the term general dentistry to describe the most common dental procedures we perform on patients. Generally, these treatments involve removing tooth decay and repairing the damage it has caused to your smile.

A general dentist performs procedures that most people are familiar with, even if they have never had them performed, such as crowns (caps), fillings, and root canal therapy. A general dental examination can also be used to repair minor tooth damage caused by accidents, such as chipping a tooth while eating. Taking care of bad breath is also part of general dentistry.

General Services & Treatments:

Comfortable, Personalized & Affordable

As these treatments are so common, most dental insurance plans cover a significant portion of the cost. Your insurance plan will list them near the top of its list of benefits for this reason. It can be reassuring & motivational to know that your insurer covers general dentistry procedures if you have insurance. In addition, insurance companies are aware that if a dental issue is not addressed early on, it will only become more costly in the future.

General Dentistry Often Overlaps Other Categories of Dentistry

In spite of the fact that our general dental services do not necessarily include cosmetic or restorative treatments, it is not uncommon for general dentistry treatments to be bundled together with cosmetic or restorative care treatments. If you are undergoing a full smile makeover, we may use aligners to change the position of your teeth and use bonding to make them more uniform in shape. Every individual has a unique dental situation and dental care goals. It is for this reason that many general dentistry treatments appear to overlap with other dental specialties.

Even if a dentist later specializes in a particular area of dentistry (such as cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics), all dentists receive training in general dentistry during dental school. 

Connection Between Your Oral Health & Overall Health

Your oral health is closely related to your overall health. Some situations associated with other health conditions can be addressed by general dentistry. A dentist can assess problems with your jaw joint (TMD), or even look for signs of sleep apnea or migraine causes. Don’t be surprised if we ask you about more than just your teeth and gums!

Additionally, our dental team will take non-invasive measures to keep you healthy and comfortable as part of general dentistry. General dentistry includes many diagnostic scans or examinations, such as those that look at your bite and how your teeth fit together (called occlusion by dentists). The use of local anaesthesia as well as light sedation is also common and is applicable to a wide range of dental care situations.

Preventing Dental Problems

In dentistry, preventive dentistry is concerned with preventing dental problems before they become costly, painful, or both. Patient education plays an important role in preventive dentistry. The program includes instruction on proper dental care at home, nutrition, etc. Preventive dentistry also includes oral hygiene practices such as regular dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, mouthguards, etc.

What Our Patients
Say About Us

  • Awesome just a great dentist

    Roger Cochran

    Bright and airy office.professional and super friendly personnel. First time visit and impressed with the quality of service. Will continue to use this Dental office in the future .

    Kenneth Gregory

    My dental hygienist was awesome

    Edward Goldate
  • I loved my experience with The Dental Office of Moody. Marika was wonderful when she cleaned my teeth and Dr, Lin was very informative! I have very high anxiety with... read more

    Tiffany Joiner

    The entire staff made me feel like family. I have found my new Dental home. ❤️❤️❤️

    tera goolsby

    Wow, they have brand new everything. My visit was great and setting up appointments is easy. Just wow...

  • As many of you who read my posts know, I save one certain word that stands for the best of the best. A word my maternal grandfather always used... read more

    Rl Duty

    Absolutely amazing and patient! Explained everything and made you feel very comfortable! Also great with kids

    Claudia McCluney

    Today was my very 2nd time visiting this office and I absolutely love the people

    Sakayla Davis
  • Great dental office, friendly staff, and the dentists there are always professional.

    Hunter Booth

    Great staff! Wait times are minimal and everyone is kind and professional. All my family goes to this dentist office. They recently remodeled, it looks great!

    Lucy Phillips

    Helpful and thorough

  • Vicky and the front office staff are so sweet and friendly! Always willing to help me with scheduling appointments for my elderly mom who is handicapped. The doctor, dental... read more

    Michelle Surrett

    The waiting area was clean and inviting. The ladies at the front desk were helpful and kind. Connie, my hygienist, was an absolute pleasure. Not only did she give me... read more


    The doctor’s assistant, Kayla, was very sweet and comforting. She made me feel very much at ease.


We Look Forward to Meeting You

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our staff is available to assist you with any questions you might have, from treatment options & sterilization to insurance concerns & paperwork. We are confident that you will enjoy your dental visit.

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